• Sex: Female
  • Found in: N/A
  • Condition: N/A
  • Adoption Status: Available for Adoption
  • Subjected to cruelty due to human ignorance and incomprehension of the fact that animals feel everything we feel, abandonment, starvation, heat, cold ...

    This angel another victim of breed-specific discrimination. He was taken in by a man who thought he would be a good guard dog. Tied up with a short rope and left to starve. Starving and desperate for some food and water, he managed to free himself, but as he is a dog and faithful, he remained in the area. Once his owner realized his Breed is not good for guarding, he completely abandoned him and left him to starve. We came across him yesterday, he was desperate as he had been waiting for someone to rescue him. He was very excited to see us and greeted us as if he had known us for years. He is doing well and he will be okay, but we need to stop using animals as mere commodities to serve our needs.


Rescuing another victim of breed-specific discrimination - Hope