• Sex: Female
  • Found in: Bozorgrah Tehran
  • Condition: She was Thrown into Trashes, Brain Damage
  • Remember my deaf and blind little Bear? If not, I ll give you the summary. She was found as a new born puppy in a bag in a trash can. I believe the bag was thrown as she suffered a blow to her skull which left her deaf and blind.
    Experience can teach us things that science cannot, and also help explain things that we cannot experiment on. In my experience dogs rely on their senses just like we do, to see and recognize their humans. They use their sense of hearing to distinguish the sound of their human's car from hundreds of others that drive by their home, but they also have another sense which I have no name for I just know it's there and it's divine. Take my sweet girl khersi for instance she was robbed of her sense of sight and sound by a selfish being that is plaguing this planet. She only has her sense of smell now but she relies on her divine sense that gives her an understanding of the beauty of life and the playful spirit that is not broken, that wants to prove to the world that she too has a place and entitlement to this life and the right to experience joy and happiness. Unlike those whose hearts have grown so cold that all they do is destroy and hurt others and still fail to see the footprint of karma for the harm they have caused others in their life.