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  • Hi everyone. Im sure you all want to know why is a 4 months old has lost his leg, yesterday a friend called me from a village named Chamkhaleh to let me know that the cries of a baby is being heard and she wanted me to help. I asked her what the story was and she informed me that this young dog was in an accident and his leg was hanging loose and his frugal owner was doing surgery on the poor animal by cutting his leg with a knife and trying to suture it himself which cause infection. After begging for sometime and requesting to have the dog send to me finally baby got to Rasht and he went into surgery by Dr Khomamy he spend 6 hours in surgery because of bad infections thank god he is feeling better now, firstly huskies do not belong in warm climates and they suffer, secondly having pets is costly and there are always accidents if you can’t afford to take care of it why do you take animals its like having kids and not being able to provide for them and raising a child with many issues. please I’m asking you if you have huskies spay and neuter them and if you don’t have one don’t adopt them in Iran since this breed really suffers some people say the keep theirs in air conditioned room or bring blocks of ice, whats the use of keeping the poor dog jailed in a room, so I beg you don’t adopt this breed for your own enjoyment they really suffer. Thank you all.


Rescuing a 4 months old puppy with a missing leg caused by her owner - Maya    Update 1 on a rescued 4 months old puppy with a missing leg caused by her owner - Maya 


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