Old Man

  • Sex: Male
  • Found in: N/A
  • Condition: N/A
  • Adoption Status: N/A
  • One Look into the eyes of this sweet Oldman and you will know of his suffering and if not, surely the observant has lost all humanity and surely has no compassion for any of mother nature's creatures.
    Some need to realize that their actions may not have legal consequences but as I have said time and again mother nature has her own court of justice and she can be merciless.
    Ever wonder about people Who seem to have misery come at them from all directions??? Ever wonder why karma is constantly knocking at their door????
    These Angeles may not be able to tell of the injustice they have suffered in the court of law but their voices won't go unheard in mother nature's court....

  • Old dogs are extremely intelligent and they have the ability to utilize their experiences in order to get a good feel as to nature of humans. You don't need to teach them about you, they already know. They would be able to talk very aptly about human nature and what this creature called man is capable of. But unfortunately dogs are gentle creatures who tend to put up with a lot and take what they are subjected to. Man could learn a lot from this gentle creature, nature is our best teacher if we are willing to learn. Stay tuned for the story of old man. Dear God, I know you are disappointed in what we have become, and possibly abandoned us, but please step in as the suffering on this planet is unbearable, it is always the gentlest that suffer the most.


Rescuing a senior dog - old man